The following are the most commonly asked questions by potential customers of Intelliscan 3D.

If you have additional queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Does Intelliscan Intraoral Scanner work for nightguards and clear aligners?  

Yes! Scanning full arches has become easy to achieve with Intelliscan 3D. There are proven clinical studies that intraoral scanning is more accurate than conventional impression taking and is the recommended method, especially with Clear Aligners. Intelliscan 3D is highly accurate for this use.  

What about dental implants?  

Yes! Intelliscan 3D is great for single and multi-unit implants. The workflow with intraoral scanners is exceptionally easy and time-saving.  

Does Intelliscan work well for crown and bridge?  

Yes! Our intraoral scanner works wonders for crown and bridge workflows. Our software has embedded features for margin marking, checking undercuts, and checking bite.  

Can you mark your own margins?  

The software allows for margin marking. Please refer to the Intelliscan 3D brochure for more details.  

Is there a digital articulator feature?  

There is no digital articulator feature but thermal reference markers for viewing bite in centric.  

Does Intelliscan 3D work for removable cases?  

Yes! Intelliscan 3D is amazing at taking impressions for Partials and Immediate Dentures.  

How does the AI feature work on Intelliscan?  

The artificial intelligence feature can identify and remove cheeks, tongue, and fingers. The AI will also remove disconnected data from your scans.  

Can Intelliscan be operated without an assistant?  

The motion sensor feature allows one-handed operation with gesture controls built into the scanner wand. Please refer to the Intelliscan 3D brochure for more details or ask for a demo. 

How fast can you scan?  

Intelliscan 3D can scan as fast as you can move! Would you like to see it in action? It would be a pleasure to show you the features of the Intelliscan through a live virtual demonstration with our clinical trainer. Our clinical trainers can demonstrate how easy it is to achieve these incredible results in a live virtual demonstration.  

Is the scanner portable?  

The scanner can be unplugged from any computer and transported to another operatory by plugging in the USB and A/C cord.  

Does the software need a license?  

The Intelliscan 3D’s USB dongle acts as the license. Once the dongle is activated, the software is available for unlimited use.  

What is the output file for this scanner?  

Intelliscan 3D outputs .STL, .OBJ, and .PLY files. These are open-source formats and are accepted for all available hardware.  

Can I access my patient files anytime?  

Yes! Files can be saved securely through our cloud and accessed anytime via the Intelliscan portal. Scan files are also saved physically onto your computer and can be accessed when internet access is unavailable. 

Is there a fee per scan?  

There is no fee per scan. We offer an optional Scans Club discount membership program with great benefits, including a free 3-year warranty, free unlimited support past year 1, access to deep discounts on dental laboratory fees for any procedures that can be scanned with Intelliscan, and free cloud storage.  

Once you have completed the scan, can you go back and add more?  

Yes, even after you save, you can go back in to rescan a specific area and add additional data.  

What is the beeping/clicking sound?  

The sound indicates that you are capturing scan data; it can be adjusted up or down or fully turned off.  

Are software upgrades included?  

Yes, software upgrades are included for one year or unlimited with the Scans Club membership program. 

What are the computer specifications?  

Processor – Intel Core i7 – 8700 or higher   

RAM – 16 GB or more   

Graphic Card – NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB or higher  

Operating System – Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) or later   

Screen Resolution – 1920 × 1080, 60 Hz or higher  

I/O ports – Need 3 Type-A USB 3.0 (or higher) ports   Please refer to Intelliscan 3D brochure for more details. 

Is cloud storage unlimited?  

Yes, with Scans Club, the storage is unlimited.  

How do you sterilize the intraoral scanner tip? 

The Intelliscan 3D tip can be sterilized in the autoclave or disinfected with a high-level disinfectant. Both methods are FDA approved. When using a high-level disinfectant, we have found that the tip lasts well over the guaranteed 25 uses. 

How much are extra intraoral scanner tips?  

Extra scanner tips are $45 apiece.  

How many times can you reuse the Intelliscan intraoral scanner tip?  

The tips are autoclavable for up to 25 uses. But can last longer with proper use and proper sterilization.   

What is your warranty policy?  

The scanner comes with a one-year warranty, which includes both parts and labor. Additional years can be purchased or will be added for free with a Scans Club membership.  

How much is training?  

Virtual training is included with Intelliscan 3D at no additional cost. Our team of expert trainers has created a program to get every user, from the first-time scanner to the most experienced, comfortable scanning with Intelliscan 3D in no time. Our intraoral scanner is extremely user-friendly, and most of our customers do not need additional training. However, onsite training is available for additional fees.

What are the dimensions of the Model X scanner tips?

Large Tip: 120 x 20 x 16 mm, Small Tip: 120 x 16 x 12 mm